4 Ways to Boost IT Service Desk Efficiency

IT Service Offices are developed as an effective mechanism to provide quick help whenever your employees need it. But as businesses grow, so does the volume of demand and the pressure on IT service agents to participate in every call and resolve every ticket. And with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic-induced work culture at home, IT teams are struggling to effectively support a remote, low-resource workforce.

To allow IT Service Desk agents to focus on more valuable deliveries and strategic results, instead of wasting time and resources on common, repeatable issues, we’ve created a strategy that includes 4 safe ways to reduce ticket volume.

  1. Promote your services with a self-service portal

In combination with the knowledge base, a self-service portal can reduce the whole process from request initiation to resolution to a fraction of its conventional time. Through a self-service portal, users are essentially helped to find a resolution.

With this step in the process, you will already have a great understanding of the context of the common issues and problems that your internal or external customers face. To promote the adoption of self-service in your organization, you now need to make sure that the self-service portal is easily accessible and usable.

To ensure better employee involvement, the self-service portal should have:

  • The same experience on devices.
  • A dynamic user interface that adapts the display of content to the user’s journey.
  • Accessible search features.
  • Simple and intuitive navigation
  1. Automate multi-level workflows

As you evaluate requests, you’ll find some chronic requests, such as user and password management, that are usually hand-managed but don’t require physical intervention. With a unified Service Desk tool that supports multi-level workflows, you can easily provide automatic resolutions to encourage self-service.

IT teams can create automated workflows that can help users around the world run basic solutions on their own. This will not only help improve the efficiency of the IT Service Desk but will also help reduce overall costs and improve the user experience.

  1. Analyze service requests to follow the trends

All employees face certain basic technical issues, such as password reset. By using the information collected over time to identify recurring requests and incidents that require manual intervention, the number of requests for services received can be reduced. The goal is to understand the trends of common questions asked by employees in the company.

When you have a robust IT service desk, you can automatically generate reports that follow office values ​​such as ticket volume trends, media. The time spent on the ticket, the availability of the agent, and other information on the number of requests received.

At the end of a given period, the Service Desk agent can easily go through all the data and evaluate it to understand what the most common type of request is.

  1. Identify the main causes of management problem

Even after taking the initiatives discussed so far, if you repeatedly see a set of problems, there is a high probability that the problem analyzed is systemic. In such a case, the IT team can use the Problem Management IT Service Desk module to examine and detect the exact cause for resolving the issue to reduce the large ticket volume.

A good way to do this would be by integrating a real-time network monitoring system that automatically records and warns of the correlation between system failures.

To get the support you need from the management team, you can generate money for each recurring ticket to present additional costs to the company in terms of loss of Service Desk agent productivity, applicant productivity, and so on.

Incremental requests can create systemic productivity issues for both IT Service Desk agents and applicants. If you do not have the proper solution to solve the IT tickets from your clients, might be the right time to check on the Optimum Desk ITSM module.

By implementing OptimumDesk AI in your ITSM, your clients can future-proof its operations and equip your IT staff to provide the best possible support. What mattered and matters most is the existence of strategies at the company level on the implementation of new technologies and the volume of investments in human capital and specific equipment.

Cloud-based, ITSM solution from OptimumDesk is ready to integrate platform offering the MSP both panoramic and in-depth view of his client IT infrastructure but also provides all the tools to manage the entire infrastructure and tickets efficiently, scale support and optimize costs assisted by AI.

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