5 MSP Challenges Where ITAM is the Solution

Discovering and tracking assets can provide a critical advantage to your business. This is the process of streamlining your entire IT team, by implementing industry-leading practices that lead to efficiency and rules-based management on an organizational scale. And it’s not completely unrealistic to get all these features and benefits with a single platform.

The effectiveness of the entire IT asset management process depends on robust asset discovery. Asset discovery is basically a process that helps automatically discover all IT assets in your organization’s network. After discovering the asset, tracking would provide information about assets such as the value of assets, their current life cycle stage, and their value.

Inventoree ITAM helps you to keep a detailed record and easily manage your IT assets, suggests recommended hardware and software upgrades to optimize your business with the right set of predictive components.

IT asset management (ITAM) provides measurable value to the business strategy through end-to-end integration. Powered by the cloud, automation, and advanced analytics solutions, IT thrives through open collaboration. Experimental development and digital investments provide the tools and innovation necessary to forward the business.

Working with OptimumDesk Inventoree IT asset management (ITAM) you can have all the information needed in an user friendly interface:

Below, there are some problems an MSP is facing, problems that ITAM software could solve quickly, easily, and efficiently.

1. Spending large amounts of money and time when it could be saved

When the life cycle of IT assets is not managed effectively, you end up with lost assets, underutilized assets, inefficient audits, and lost employment hours. All this accumulates in large expenses that do not bring income. Understand your organization’s requirements with asset lifecycle management. Make data-driven purchasing decisions, make aggressive updates, and be aware of the total cost of ownership of each asset.

The manually monitoring and managing assets would be such a tiring and boring job for your technicians and also a waste of time, when you could provide an automated solution that can perform the same tasks, avoiding human errors.

2. Monitoring a large number of devices in real-time

Below you can find 3 of the most important benefits of using a real-time tracking tool:

  • Monitoring hardware behavior. The real-time function allows you to monitor the state of hardware assets when it is in use. The reports are released at the time you watch the IT system and you can take action and decisions based on concrete information.
  • Catching issues that slow down performance. The device could be slowed down by an IT defection. That means the activity and performance are affected at the same time. It is important to detect and fix the problem for a higher capacity of workstations.
  • Getting faster product insights and avoiding incidents before they even appear. The real-time option offers clear information about your hardware and software assets, about issues that can occur, so you can prevent it before it becomes a disaster.

3. Managing risks strategically for organizational success

Most companies do not realize the risks they are exposed to using the Internet without using IT security services. Currently, all important information of a company (financial information, contracts, written communications, customer databases, suppliers, etc.) is also stored in digital format within the IT infrastructure.

The security of the data inside the network, the security of the information transmitted through the messaging systems as well as the security of the services offered through the internet, become a critical point for any company and are as important as the physical security of the company headquarters or important documents inside it.

An ITAM Solution helps you monitor and track all the devices from the company ensuring everything is safe and no unauthorized person will take control of the information you hold.

4. Better tracking of IT assets

By tracking the IT assets, you can monitor the hardware but also the software inventory. You can check the usage of the license and when it’s time for a new one and ensure sufficient maintenance. By tracking the IT assets of your organizations, you manage operations and maintenance. Also, accounting, purchasing, and sales, while ensuring that they are all in line with your business strategy.

Basically, the ITAM platform should give you a clear idea of what software was purchased under a contract. You can check what software is used on which devices and when the license was renewed. Track the utility level for each software online, with its characteristics. A great tool should send you alerts if there is a data breach. If a software is used after its expiration, must be alerted too.

Asset discovery is a critical part. But without the tracking process, there is no real value generated by the whole process. Thus, as you proceed to establish the entire ITAM process, make sure you have the right technology for tracking IT resources.

5. Avoiding downtimes when workstations are not available

When workstations are not available for usage, the employees cannot work. Which brings your business to a standstill, where they can’t perform tasks. This eliminates their productivity and, unfortunately, your profit. You must avoid such a moment at all costs! The ITAM Solution improves the performance of the workstations in your organization, through the operational support provided.

OptimumDesk ITAM

increases the company-wide understanding of IT’s business value decisive helping in digital transformation, improves communications and understanding between IT and other departments, enforces compliance with cybersecurity policies and regulatory requirements, improves productivity through technical support, and limits overhead costs of managing the IT environment.

By extending infrastructure management to workstations, management services can provide detailed reports on asset management and applicable software licensing.

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